Special packages to suit all occasions

French manicure, white roses and champagne



Combined mani/pedi with a sweet treat choice of complimentary tea/coffee/mocktail or                                                                                                            champagne (18+) $95

“Mother Daughter Love”
(daughter 12 years and under)
Combined mani/pedi tea or coffee and pink lemonade and sweet treat $140



Manicure man

Pampering for men

Manly Mani $30
Power Pedi (Includes Complimentary beer) $50



Pampering for children

Mini Mani $20
Petite Pedi $20

“Sweetheart” package
Combined mini mani/petite pedi with pink lemonade, inc sweet treat as well $45

Page last updated 5 October 2015. Prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.