Photo - Eden De Fluer for Pandora with Glamour Nail Bar Nails

Photo – Eden De Fluer for Pandora with Glamour Nail Bar Nails

Collaboration – “Is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize shared goals” Wikipedia


For a business, I can not stress the importance of collaboration. Whether you are running a small business from home to a large organisation, we can all benefit from collaborating with others.


At Glamour we have been very lucky to meet some amazing people and make great connections along the way in our journey. I would go as far as saying that we wouldn’t be who we are today without the collaborations and relationships we have formed with others.


By forming solid relationships and partnerships with other people and businesses you can both work together towards one common goal and really help each other out.


Don’t know where to start? I thought I would share just a few tips on how to move a business forward by collaborating.


  1. Collaborate with like minded people  – When you collaborate with someone, make sure they are your kind of person and their business brand  is on the same level as yours.  A good place to start, is finding people that you like to work with. Who have you got in your network that you would like to work with? Natural partnerships can be formed organically from those in your network.
Glamour Nail Bar and TMF Cosmetics on location with The Studio

Glamour Nail Bar and TMF Cosmetics on location with The Studio

  1. Attend Networking Events – These are great for getting to meet other business owners and like minded people. We attend networking events at any opportunity we can and are continuously meeting such great people who end up being great friends.  Find your tribe!


  1. Set out Goals – Work out what it is that both businesses want to achieve. Is it more likes on Facebook or Instagram? Is it more clients or customers? Is it different business opportunities or a wider reach?



  1. Make sure it’s a win win for both businesses  – There’s nothing worse than someone approaching you to “collaborate” just to get something free out of your business. Make sure that when collaborating with someone then it’s going to be equally rewarding for both parties. We get a lot of people and businesses approach us to collaborate. We don’t just say yes to anyone and everyone. When thinking of collaborating we look at how this will benefit our business and how we in turn can help another business so it’s a win, win situation for everyone.invest


  1. Come up with some creative ideas –  There’s lot of different things you can do to collaborate, depending on what kind of business you run. We have done all sorts of things from running competitions to working on photo shoots, to doing bloggers and celebrities nails that have a large social media following for the return of lots of social media love, working on and running different events with other businesses, providing discounted services in conjunction with other businsses who our customers also use. There’s so many things you can do.

Jani and Amy Zempilas (Absolute Amy)

Jani, Charlotte Crosby (Geordiei Shore) and Chrissie

Jani, Charlotte Crosby      (Geordie Shore) and Chrissie

I encourage you, get out there, make some good connections, reach out and ask someone if they want to collaborate and see what possibilities the future holds for you!


Love Jani x