Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and at Glamour Nail Bar we take this very seriously every day; and more so now in these ever evolving and uncertain times of COVID19.

With COVID19 dominating all news reports and swamping social media, we are all taking extra precautions in our personal and business environments. With more people socially distancing and worrying about being in public places, where does that leave us as a business and yourself as a client and lover of beautiful nails?

At Glamour Nail Bar (Subiaco and Cockburn Central, Perth Western Australia) we have always been committed to the highest hygiene practices in the business. Our clients and our staff are always our number one priority, and we are closely monitoring COVID19 advice from the World Health Organization and Australian Government.

At this time of publishing we are business as usual:

*Ample hand sanitiser always available for staff and clients.

*Technicians will be gloved.

*Masks are available if you choose to wear one.

*Your nail station and stool will be wiped down with disinfectant before you are seated.

*Our already sanitised and autoclaved tools and files will be resprayed with steriliser by your technician before your service commences.


Is this enough? Absolutely yes because the novel coronavirus can be spread by droplets in the air (hence the masks we supply), skin to skin contact (gloved technicians), through our fingers on unclean surfaces (we disinfect everything you will come into contact with) and we supply nail scrub brushes to clean under nails … yes, underneath!

We are often so conscious of washing our hands these days that we may be prone to forget that the underside of your nails can be a breeding ground for nasties, so please heed our following advice:

*Wash your hands thoroughly and use a nail brush in warm, soapy water and then thoroughly sanitise around and under your nails.

*Ask your nail technician about their sanitising practices, and ensure they are sterilising their tools in an autoclave, as well as scrubbing and spray sterilising them. If you’re a Glamour client or looking to become one, we already do these things.

*Try not to bite your nils or pick at your cuticles – keeping them out of your mouth and avoiding open cuts will increase your chance of staying healthy.

In the meantime, rest assured that Glamour Nail Bar is operating as normal with the highest standards of hygiene to bring beauty to your nails, and we are happy to answer all your questions.

PS we still have ample bubbles for clients because last we heard, champagne may be the cure for everything!!