Gel Polish, Gel Mani, Hard Gel?

Let us explain the simple differences.

1. Basically there are two types of Gel.

Hard Gel can be used in the same way as acrylic – to create nail extensions or as a hard cover over your natural nails to create extra strength and protection. 

Gel Polish is soft gel that cannot create length but is painted on like a nail polish. It lasts a few weeks without chipping, peeling or fading because it is “cured” under an LED light so that it sets. “Shellac” is a brand of gel polish, not a separate product. 

2. Your Nails Don’t Need Air

Some people may avoid using gel polish because they think that their nails need to “breathe.” However, your nails don’t actually need air at all as they receive their nutrients and oxygen from your bloodstream. Your nails aren’t sensitive to air or lack thereof, but your nail beds and cuticles are, so use a good cuticle oil to keep them protected and hydrated. It is also important not to try and remove gel polish yourself as the process can expose your nail beds to damage, always have it done by a professional nail technician.

3. A Gel Mani                 

This is the term for a manicure that uses gel polish. If you want normal nail polish (also known as nail lacquer) let your technician know before your service begins. A manicure should include tidying of the cuticles and shaping of nails.                         

4. Warning Signs

  • If the salon you are in uses gel polish that is unbranded or in unlabelled bottles – this could indicate cheap gel polish full of nasty toxins.
  • If the technician wants you to soak off your hard gel or acrylic with your fingers in a bowl of acetone, say no – this is a powerful solvent and can cause dermatitis. A professional technician will soak small squares of cotton in acetone, place it on your nail and wrap up with aluminium foil. The process is repeated over a half hour period to gently dissolve the hard gel or acrylic.
  • A technician should never drill onto your natural nail bed with an electric drill bit, but file gently with a hand held file.

5. The Glamour Nail Bar and Clawlicious Experience

Glamour Nail Bar (Subiaco and Cockburn Central in Perth, Western Australia) has an outstanding reputation for nail care, nail services, customer service, hygiene, nail knowledge and highly trained, certified nail technicians and nail artists. The products they use have been especially developed for the Owners of Glamour Nail Bar and are cruelty free. The nail polish is also 10 Free which means it is free of the ten toxins  – DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients. The spa products (soaks, scrubs, cuticle oil, and lotion) are handmade, vegan and only use the purest ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

Hopefully this has ‘gelled’ for you and answered a few questions and misconceptions. Enjoy your beautiful nails and feel free to check us out for further information and nail designs on the Instagram @clawlicious_   and on Pinterest ‘Glamour Nail Bar’ and ‘Clawlicious Nail Products’ xxx