Wang’s NYFW capsule wardrobe encapsulates minimalistic hearts and nails

Post New York Fashion Week, the wonderkid, Wintour protégé, and street swag supernova, Alexander Wang has wowed both the haute couture world and those kickin’ it cool on the street with his nine piece unisex capsule wardrobe. This minimalistic collection, in collaboration with Adidas, includes a tshirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, and three footwear styles (Wang is a self described sneaker addict), and underscores the increasing movement towards minimalism with both couture and street cred. 3ec365e64926dde984c2dfd716c8cc6c-57d4dc9f843a4

The 32-year-old is lauded as one of the most talented and effortlessly edgy designers of his generation. Former creative director for three years at Balenciaga, Wang was also building his own label, focusing on streetwear and pared back looks where he strips conventional suits and classic looks back to basics such as pinstriped baggy boxer shorts with a cropped white button down shirt. 2

The term “capsule wardrobe” was a phrase of a 1970’s London boutique owner Susie Faux. She stocked collections of well cut essential items of clothing like skirts, tops and pants that were not tied to any particular fashion look, and which could be individualised and stay on trend with additional, in the moment pieces such as a hat, scarf or pop of season favourite colour . In 1985 American designer Donna Karan debuted a capsule collection of seven interchangeable everyday pieces, placing models on the catwalk dressed only in one piece bodysuits and black leggings. The models then began to add items of clothing such as wrap-skirts, pants and dresses to demonstrate the innumerable looks and style of dressing with beautiful basics. 13902769_1073743252662604_3140791290892178214_n-copy

This minimal, stylish, no stress approach to dressing can be effortlessly integrated with a choice of beautiful nails that compliment and evolve within the scope of your capsule collection. Undoubtedly black nails or white would work perfectly with Wang’s Adidas collection and stay in keeping with his monochromatic loose cut no fuss feel. 11011209_905434789493452_1634620272839732856_n

What however, works best with a more diverse capsule collection?

A Spring of floaty neutrals, a Summer of whites, an Autumn of warm colours, a Winter of darkness?

At Glamour we have already made the capsule wardrobe colour call for all seasons – nudes and French. Without a doubt, as afficiacandos of nail art move towards minimalism, so will their nails, with gorgeous gradients of nudes and subtle technically complex versions of classic French nails. 12002227_905434606160137_7868727774586480378_n

Naked but Nice, Naked in Nirvana, Norma and Never Forgotten only hint at the large number of GiGi nudes on show at Glamour.


Baby Boomers, Ombre French, Reverse French and Permanent French, reveal our revolution of French.

And with sunshine and warmth whispering around the corner, this minimalist heart of mine beats a little faster in anticipation of curating my capsule wardrobe for Summer, and nude-ing up my nails. 13962510_1087642771272652_4944503033737721422_n-2-copy

Merci Monsieur Wang xxx Winter is coming your way, and those with hip hop hearts will rejoice in the choice between your trio of trainers; whereas on this side of the world I will shade my face with nude nailed hands, and dream of floaty frocks and fringed boots.

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