The bare necessities of a nail biter.

Why your nail bar must be a non judgemental, ethical place of retreat, care and comfort.

When you are a chronic nail biter, nail salons are both a godsend and a constant reminder of how difficult a habit it is to break. It’s an expensive business when you bite your nails, and even more so if you bite or pick at your nail extensions – it can mean weekly visits for repairs or repaint, and constant new sets every few weeks.Unknown

For years I have endured pain and shame as I presented my damaged nails to an array of nail technicians to judge, discuss and roughly repair.

I had no idea in those days that many of the painful procedures they put me through are not actually the way to care for nails or your client. Drilling onto the natural nail, or tearing one nail extension off by forcing a plastic tip under it and dragging it off, thereby removing a layer of my own nail each time. Filing my sensitive cuticles, and around my nails so brutally that they would bleed. It was a horror show, but one I paid for many times in order to have attractive hands.

It was also a case of feeling judged each time, having manicurists whisper and talk amongst themselves – I found, like most people with a bad habit, that I nail salon hopped so that I would not have to show my face, or frayed nails too often at the same place. GetAttachment.aspx

Until Glamour Nail Bar.

Here one of our mottos is ‘no judgement’ and we genuinely mean this, you don’t need to hide your nails when you are with us. Our #glamsquad team of highly experienced, warm hearted, ethical Glamourgirl technicians are dedicated to promoting healthy nails and assisting clients to achieve this through nourishing practices such as using cuticle oil daily, GetAttachment-3.aspx

You will never be pressured to have nail extensions if your natural nails are strong enough or have enough length for the look you want.

Whereas some nail salons rely on processing as many clients as possible per day in order to make as much money as possible; Glamour would prefer to take time to get to know you and your nails, discuss all options and take the ultimate care when providing your service.

The products used by Glamour Nail Bar are the cleanest and purest on the market. GetAttachment-2.aspx

Our acrylic is MMA free, which is not always the case in some nail salons. MMA is Methyl Methacrylate which initially was used by dentists to make bridges and crowns, and by orthopaedic surgeons for joint replacement procedures. It is a chemical not designed for contact with skin or nails because it is much too hard and can tear the nail from your finger when it is being removed. It is also extremely difficult to remove because it is solvent resistant and needs soaking in acetone for a long time. At Glamour we always allow extra time to soak your nails gently if the acrylic has been done somewhere else, and concentrate on restoring your nails to health.  They will often be pitted and grooved because technicians from some other nail salons may have damaged your nail deliberately with the electric drill when prepping for acrylic, as MMA needs grooves in the nail in order to adhere strongly.

Glamour Nail Bar will always consider the health of your nails, and take the time to care for them whether they are your natural nails or extensions, whether you have strong nails or bite them. There will be no judgement, just genuine care and the very best technicians dedicated to the health and beauty of your nails and yourself. Love Chrissie xxx