Who doesn’t channel Anna Wintour when critiquing the Met Gala fashion.

anna-wintour-met-gala-2016This icon of style, and clairvoyant of fashion trends, personally oversees every invitee (no buying tickets for this event), every outfit, every table setting, and the theme of each annual Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York fundraiser. She is amazing, aloof, intimidating and enviable; yet Ms Wintour you have let slip by one of the most important aspects of any outfit, the nails.

It seemed as though, for most who attended the Met Gala, that nails didn’t matter – there were mostly bare nails or conservatively dark, with only a couple of glimpses of excitement – English model Edie Campbell’s long white nails, American actresses Kate Hudson with black french and Amandla Stenberg with a chrome french tip.

Until Gigi Hadid. The sleek side parting, high ponytailed, effortlessly chic supermodel who rocked a set of custom made chromed nails embellished with underside crystals. gigi naisThe hype around these nails and the price tag of $2,000 payable to celebrity manicurist Mar y Soul #NailsByMarySoul has been phenomenal, people are impressed and envious, except me to be honest. Don’t misunderstand me, I love Gigi with her fresh faced smoulder, and her nails were the perfect complement to her outfit – as all nails should be. The crux of the matter is that until Gigi Hadid arrived alongside Zayn Malik, with her fabulous chrome talons linked through his arm, nails were not getting the attention they deserve.

The nails themselves, when taken back to basic, are stick on nails (custom almond shaped KISS nails, a New York nail products manufacturer), chromed silver, and with three tiny crystals glued on the underneath. A look already launched by Glamour Nail bar when our technicians interpreted and created the nails conceptualised by the visionary girls of The Studio. They then applied the individually designed stick on nails in metallic designs for the Jonte runway show this April, when Jonte Pike’s stunning designs took our breath away; and both the outfits and the nails were immortalised by local illustrator Michelle Pike in her beautiful drawings.

models                                    drawing

Gigi, your nails were fabulous, and I hope to see greater emphasis upon nails as fashion next MetGala 2017 please Anna; however, in the meantime Glamour will continue setting the trends, creating the previously undreamt of, and making the world more beautiful and a little edgy.

If you are keen on your own Manus x Machina nails, simply call us and request our fusion of handmade beauty and elements crafted by machine, the interplay between fashion and technology, and the joining of futuristic design and daily beauty that Glamour does so effortlessly.

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