Take a Teacher, a Youth Worker and a Building Supervisor, mix with glitter, throw in a dream, and Glamour became a reality.

We are often asked how we came up with the concept, and the truth is that, once upon a time, two best friends just wanted to be able to have a pedicure together and drink champagne. They searched everywhere, but were always let down…no guarantee they could sit together, no choice of nail technicians, not enough care taken with services, and no trending nail art.


So Chrissie (the Drama and English teacher) and Jani (Youth Worker and Chaplain) looked at each other and said “we should open one!” and they did, with the addition of Director No. 3 Dane (Jani’s husband).

It seems a lifetime ago that we scrubbed floors, painted put up wallpaper, choose equipment, and slept only a few hours a night while holding down full-time jobs, and Jani about to have her baby Scarlett. We laugh every time we look at the coffee table in our lounge area because it reminds us of putting together furniture at two in the morning, when you’re both hysterical with excitement and exhaustion.

The Opening of Glamour was terrifying – what if no-one came? What if we had too many or too few technicians rostered on? What if Jani or Chrissie were forced to do manicures or pedicures out of pure desperation? For those who may not know, we have our Cert 2 Nail Tech certificates, but it would have to be a post apocalyptic world if we were ever having to provide any nail services -proof that not all who are qualified are actually Glamour standard.

Our nail techs are from all over the world, and we employ only the highest skilled, passionate and warm hearted, as we have created a Glamour family that care about each other, and their support and friendships bring an added dimension of love and fun to the nail bar.

Every day is an adventure, every day a learning experience, and every day is an absolute joy to be part of the Glamour story. With our new range of gel polish GiGi about to hit the store with her sassy, sexy colours and outstanding coverage and durability; our plans for a second Glamour north of the river early 2017; and further plans to Glamourise Bali – its just the start of an incredible, terrifying and exhilarating journey…hang on for the ride its gonna be a wild one !!!

Chrissie xxx