Chrome, Chrome, tell me do, who’s the most mirrored, bold and true?

Chrome nails have, almost overnight, captured the hearts and attention of nail and beauty aficionados across the world in a tsunami of shimmering, shining, mirrored magnificence. This chic, sleek look turns any nails into reflective, breathtaking style statements, and may be created in a number of stunning shiny colours such as rose gold chrome.  FullSizeRender 2

Long have we (and magpies!) been obsessed by shiny objects – from sparkly iPhone cases to patent leather Louboutins and silver Tiffany heart pendants; and now there is scientific evidence that this desire for the shimmer is linked back to our ancient, spiritual connection and love for water. IMG_8915

Glossy shine has always been associated with luxury and wealth, and so, interestingly enough, has water. Perhaps because we admire a sleek shining yacht reflected in the Mediterranean ocean; the glass floored, over water villas on Bora Bora with sunlight reflecting back up from the ocean surface; and the Staircase to the Moon play of light over the dusk ocean in Broome. IMG_8913 3

Water is also a staple of life and connects us with our most primitive desires to live, grow, relax, rejuvenate and play, often using the sun drenched or moon gilded waters of lakes and seas to quench our thirsts and soothe our souls. IMG_8914 2

There are people who have been concerned at the presence of aluminium in the finely graded chrome powder used over gel polish to create the desired chromed effect; however, like water, aluminium is one of the most common, naturally occurring substances present in our environment within the soil, and we harmlessly ingest a small amount of it with everything we eat and drink. It is, however, always wise to check for FDA approved powders, as are used at Glamour Nail Bar. IMG_7710

This summer will see shimmery metallic and floaty fabrics on the catwalks, so what better than gorgeous glossy nails to match. IMG_7713

Go on, go chrome – let a little light play on your hands and you really will be the fairest of them all xxx