How concern for the environment and animal welfare led us to launch Clawlicious.

The concept of a range of cruelty free, toxin free, vegan nail and spa products has long been a dream for the owners of Glamour Nail Bar – Christina (myself a vegan) and husband and wife Dane and Jani. Hard work and never losing sight of the vision and the ethics of kindness has seen the development of a comprehensive range of luxury and practical Clawlicious products.

We believe we are one of a kind in the Nail world as we choose kindness over easy profit, a reduced carbon footprint over single use plastic, and a Refill Station in each salon, and online, for spa products. We love our products, as do all the animals we have saved from cosmetic testing xxx   

It has taken over a year to bring to fruition the concept of our cruelty free range as we searched to find an Australian manufacturer, the perfect recyclable bottle and in particular a nail polish that is 10Free which means it is free of the ten toxins found in most nail polishes. However, we never lost the passion or our focus on the goal and eventually created a product consciously designed to leave the least impact upon our Earth as possible, and one that has never been tested upon animals.

In each nail bar we use our own products which are available online and in-store for purchase. We are committed to reducing waste and single use plastic wherever we can. With this in mind we use paper straws, recyclable materials for our packaging, glass over plastic, and now a refill option for our spa products, this initiative allows customers to refill their empty spa products and our luxury cuticle oil themselves in both Glamour Nail Bars and save $2 off the usual retail price at the till.

Online refill options are also available on our website

My personal favourite is the Luxury Cuticle Oil in the no spill roller bottles (perfect for your handbag) which is an essential component of creating, maintaining and moisturising healthy nails and cuticles.

Handmade by me, this unique mix of 100% organic essential oils both waterproofs and lubricates the skin. It has antioxidant properties, repairs damaged skin cells, fights premature ageing and contains Vitamins A,B & E.