Trashy TV – we love to wear it, and watch it.

The passion and personalities that inspired the naming of our GiGi gel polish range.

Trashy TV Pink … think fabulous, crowd stopping, confident colour. GetAttachment-6.aspx

Trashy TV Stars … think fabulous, crowd stopping and confident Kardashians, Real Housewives, Geordie Shorers and Bachelorettes.

People talk about Reality TV being a guilty pleasure, except at Glamour we don’t feel guilty, we revel in it; like over indulging in chocolate – you know better, but damn it tastes good.

We love the lavish lifestyles, the clothes, the accessories – and the drama. It’s living the lifestyles of the rich and famous vicariously, their big personalities and even bigger dramas; from the comfort of our loungerooms where we can recline in trackies, with messy hair, eating chocolate – judging their mistakes and bad wardrobe choices, and even worse love choices.

In Ancient Rome, when the economic system began to collapse under an unbalanced contradiction, where the rich were incredibly wealthy and the poor were desperately so; the upper class created an entertainment forum designed to capture the attention of the poor and make them feel that at least their lives were better than those of the Gladiators. Yes, Gladiators – muscled, oiled fighting machines trained to fight to the death against animals or each other. The spectacle of these awesome men engaged in combat was attended in excess of hundreds of thousands of people, who paid a small amount to get into the Colosseums in which they were held, where they screamed for their favourites, often elevating the strongest survivors to celebrity status.GetAttachment-1.aspx

The ideology behind this was that while you watched another suffering, you put aside your own troubles and momentarily felt you had a better life. GetAttachment-4.aspx

So too, when we watch Reality TV – we may not be as wealthy but we sure as hell wouldn’t wear those shoes with that frock, marry a man like that, throw a drink in someones face (or maybe we would), pull hair and scream at each other, or let our mother boss us about so much. We may be on the couch in trackies, feeling a little sick from all that chocolate, but we can still think our lives are better and happier than those reality stars at times.

Trashy TV allows us to be voyeurs into others lives, and we embrace this celebrity culture and the belief we too may be discovered at anytime, and propelled into a similar lifestyle.GetAttachment.aspx

For let us not forget that many celebrities were doing the daily grind long before they were discovered; such as Brad Pitt who danced in a chicken suit while advertising a Mexican chicken fast food store, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston were telemarketers, Matthew McConaughey cleaned chicken coops … so there’s nothing to say that any of us won’t be discovered and shot to super stardom while on the school run, shopping in Aldi, teaching a class, taking bubba to swimming lessons or working behind a counter. Let alone gracing a red carpet, networking with girlbosses, having our car valet parked, travelling overseas, or drinking bubbles at lunch by the ocean … just make sure that whatever you are doing … in order to really be noticed … make sure you’re wearing Trashy TV pink. GetAttachment-2.aspx

Because that GiGi gel polish, just like Trashy TV, has captured our heart, and our dreams, and we are addicted xxx