Dry and brittle nails? We have the answer, and it’s only $8.95

In these days of frequent hand washing and using alcohol based hand sanitisers, our hands are really starting to dry out.    

Our Clawlicious Luxury cuticle oil is created locally and made from the purest essential and carrier oils in Australia. Handmade and poured by one of the owners of Glamour Nail Bar here in Perth Western Australia, ensures the ingredients are the very best, and contain no nut or animal products, or nasty chemicals.    

Cuticle oil is the easiest and most effective way to feed and strengthen dry and brittle nails.

Clawlicious Luxury Cuticle Oil is available in a no spill roller bottle (perfect for your handbag) and is an essential component of creating, maintaining and moisturising healthy nails and cuticles. It both waterproofs and lubricates the skin with antioxidant properties, it repairs damaged skin cells, fights premature ageing and contains Vitamins A, B & E.     

The simple act of massaging the oil around your cuticles and over your nails stimulates growth as the new healthy nail emerges from the cuticle. It also protects your delicate cuticles from trauma, as well as feeding them the goodness needed to grow healthy nails.

Get yourself into the habit of applying the oil once a day, maybe before bed time when it can soak in its healing properties while you sleep, or reapply after each hand washing (which is pretty often these days!)

Available for $8.95 plus postage online

Show your nails some love today.